Range Pure

Range is my favorite combat stat because it is constant and it does a good amount of damage. So, obviously I like range pures a lot. This is a guide I made on using and making a range pure. Enjoy!

Obviously, a range pure will train range. And, it will train range only. Unless, you choose to train prayer. For a range pker, I would not recommend this, but it’s your choice. As soon as you complete the RuneScape tutorial, use the gene lamps you’ve gotten to get your range up a little. Now, use this guide I made to training range, to train your range up to 70+.

Now your ready to begin pking! Before you do, look at this video for some inspiration:

Now you have inspiration, what do you bring to pk with as a range pure? Well here’s a list of what you should wear and equip:

  • Coif
  • Monk robe top of leather body, depending if you trained prayer or not.
  • D’hide legs
  • D’hide vambs
  • Any boots
  • Maple short bow and lots of addy arrows
  • Any cape (to look cool =p)

Your inventory shouldn’t have too much. Just bring food. Your food should be either lobsters or swordfish.

Now to your pking tactics. Pure rangers don’t have many tactics to use, but here are a few tips to help when you pk.

  1. If you are being killed in the wild, it is better to go down fighting than it is to run away. (if you are too poor to afford new equipment, ignore this tip)
  2. If you have to run away, find a place where theres a ladder or something so you can confuse your chaser.
  3. If you plan on running away in the wild, you should train your magic to 25 for teleport.
  4. If you start to run out of arrows in a fight, pick the arrows up around you.
  5. If an enemy runs away, keep chasing them. Chances are you’ll catch them thanks to your range.
  6. Don’t safe!
  7. If you have 43 prayer, after you make a kill put your protect form prayers on to protect from pjers. (pile jumpers)
  8. Try to avoid rune pures. Rune pures will prove to be a challenge to take down. But, some will be weak and will go down easier. Either way, stay away from them!
  9. If you have a choice, aim for a mage in the wild. They are weak against your range.

Yes, thats about it. Thanks for reading and I hope you found this helpful.


4 Responses to “Range Pure”

  1. hi, you left a comment on my site a while ago so i’m returning the favor. hope all your goals worked out 😉

  2. yeh ima range pure with over 5mill from pk’s so range ftw!!!!!!!!

  3. i got 71 range nd made 200k the other day from full rune pk o nd yeh bonanza82 my nub acount good tips range ftw!!!

  4. daniel :D Says:

    helllo yeah urmm…. well i read this guide and i wasnt to happy with it…. well i sort of wanted to know how you trained your range pure like where did you go…. so maybe could you make a range guide?

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