How to Make a Strength Pure

In RuneScape, a strength pure is basically a person who leaves his or her defense at 1 and trains mainly strength and attack. This is a step-by-step guide on how to make a strength pure. Enjoy!

First things first. As soon as you complete the RuneScape tutorial, use the gene lamps you’ve received to bring your strength up. Now for your training. Use this other guide I’ve made to train your strength to 50 and your attack to 40. Now that you have the attack to wield rune, and some strength, it’s time to get your hit points up. The best way to do this is to train your range to 40. By doing this, you will gain hitpoints, and you’ll be able to wear d’hide legs that’ll give you a pretty good defense bonus. And, this will only cost like 1 combat level. So here’s a guide on how to do that. Now, I would train your strength up to at least 70 at this point. For more info on this, click the “other guide” link.

Congrats! You’ve finished your training and now it’s time to do the fun stuff. PKing!!!! What do you wear? This depends. If you decided to train prayer during your training, wear:

  • Any type of boots
  • D’hide legs
  • Monk robes shirt
  • Iron full helm
  • Weild a rune scimitar

If you didn’t train prayer, wear the same thing, except where and iron plate body instead of monk robes. Your inventory should have the following:

  • Four strength potions
  • Rune 2h
  • Maple short bow and addy arrows (To chase enemies down)
  • And fill the rest with lobsters or swordfish

Now onto the PKing tactics. When you see a potential target, pot up and activate appropriate prayers, if you have prayer. Attack the target with the rune scimitar and lower it’s health. When the target is at low health, pull out your rune 2h and KO them. If they are not KOed, try again. And don’t safe. (Safing is eating food when your still high at health) Safing is for noobs. Eat when your at low health. If you are attacked, activate yoru prayers if you have them and fight back. And pot up at appropriate times if you are attacked. If your enemy starts to run away from you, take out your maple bow and fire at them. You may only have 40 range, but any damage done to them is better than none. If you do manage to catch up to your running away enemy, put the bow away and take out the scimmy. If you are attacked or attack a mage, take of your iron armor because the mage will do more damage against you if you have armor on.

This concludes my guide. Sorry I couldn’t get any pictures. =(


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