Alternative Training

Do you ever get tired of fighting the same monsters over and over again when you train? Are you tired of making many trips to the bank for more food, arrows, or runes? If you say yes to all this, then this alternative training is perfect for you. All you need is a friend, and a full inventory of food. (Your friend should be around the same level as you) (This will work better for people with 1 defense)

So, you have a friend and you have food. What do you do? You go to the dueling arena with your friend and you fight each other with food. Make sure you both have the same food for this and make sure the food is good. Lobsters and swordfish will be perfect for this, and if your member, shark and monkfish will be fine. If you use range or magic, make sure you have plenty of runes.

Now for the fight! Fight each other in normal combat and eat food each time your health is low. Fight to the death and if you both are as strong as each other, the fight will be longer, thus giving you more xp in whatever your training. And, this is also good practise for pking. So, you’ll gain combat xp, as well as pking practise with this method of training.

Oh, and this is also a good way to train defense if your a defense pure. Just get another defense pure to train defense with you. Just attack each other and watch the 0’s go by.

Well, thats it for this guide!


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