Strength and Attack

All melee pkers need strength and attack. It’s how you do more damage. Without strength, most melee pkers would be hopeless. Without attack, melee pkers wouldn’t be able to wield better weapons.  So, this is a guide on how to train your strength and attack. (This guide is meant for people that are 1 defense, but this will be helpful to people with more than 1 defense)

Before you train, buy every scimitar iron-rune. To start your training of strength, it’s best to train at the chickens east of Lumbridge. I would train on these fellows until your strength is 5.

Next, is to train on men in Edgeville. Just make sure you bring some cheap food with you such ascabage, shrimp, chicken, beef ect. Train on the men until

you have a strength level of 15 and attack level of 5. This shouldn’t take very long.

Next stop, monks! Now you can take out your steel scimitar and show those monks! The monks you will train on are located in the monastery west of Edgeville. These are easy to kill and will heal you when you are at low damage. Just speak to a monk and ask them to heal you. Train on the monks until you have 30-40 strength. You can choose.  I would suggest 35 if you want an actual number. And make sure to train your attack to 30 here as well. And remember to switch to your next scimitar as you gain attack levels. 

Now to the barbarians. (Levels 9-10) Take out your addy scimitar and get ready for action! For this training, you should use trout or salmon. I would train near the mining spot in barbarian village just where theres a circle on the picture below. Just be careful, cause many noobs will only attack barbarians other people are attacking. Train here until you have 50 strength and 40 attack. Now that you have 40 attack, you could stop training attack all together if you weren’t planning on becoming a member. But if you were, I would suggest training your attack some more.

Now onto your final training area: Flesh crawlers!!!!!!!!!!! You can train on these things until your 99 strength if you wanted. There the best way to train if your a pure and they can only do 1’s! To find them, go to the second floor of the stronghold of security and follow the red line on the image below to find the flesh crawlers. Make sure you bring lobsters or better with you when you train on them.

Once you get to the flesh crawlers, just sit back and watch them attack your character. If you have auto reliable on, the flesh crawlers will be attacked by you as soon as they attack you. Each time your health falls below 20, you should eat your food until your at full health. After a while, the flesh crawlers will stop attacking you. When this happens, walk north until you can’t see the flesh pit on your map screen. You should only have to walk about two rooms up to get this effect. Once you’ve done this, walk back down to the flesh crawlers and they’ll attack you again. You can just keep training strength here, but if your becoming a member, get your attack up here as well. I would suggest something like 60 so you can wield dragon weapons.

I hope you found this guide helpful. All pictures on this are property of other sites and I am only using them to make my guide a better guide.


3 Responses to “Strength and Attack”

  1. […] use the gene lamps you’ve received to bring your strength up. Now for your training. Use this other guide I’ve made to train your strength to 50 and your attack to 40. Now that you have the attack to […]

  2. This guide rocks =]

  3. This is usually considered a fun and effective
    learning method in general. Www. When you’re acquainted with these core 7 keys you can start to learn about the black keys (flats and sharps).

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