Range is a valuable stat to many different kinds of pkers. There are many pure rangers in RuneScape, and there are many hybrids that use range. In fact, all hyrbids use range except for the melee/mage hybrids. So, this is a guide on how to train your range. Enjoy! (This guide was made for pures and people with one defense)

Before you start training your range, you need to buy a few things:

  • Normal-maple short bows
  • 1000 iron arrows
  • Amulet of accuracy
  • A cape (optional)
  • A leather cowl
  • Leather body
  • Leather chaps
  • Studded leather chaps
  • Leather vambs
  • Dragon hide legs
  • And dragon hide vambs

Yes, this is a lot of equipment, but it’s all good for your range bonuses. So slip on your leather body, you amulet of accuracy, your leather cowl, your leather chaps and your leather vambs and don’t forget your short bow and make your way down to the first training spot.

Training spot one: Cows! You can either go to the cows near Lumbridge.

Or you can go to the cows near the crafting guild.

Either way, shoot the cows from outside the fence. This way, they won’t be able to attack you. If you want, after you’ve killed a cow you can take your arrows left from the kill by entering the cow field. Or, you can power range, meaning you don’t stop to pick up your arrows. And if at any time you run out of arrows, go back to the arrow shop in Varrock and buy more. And when you reach 5 range, make sure you switch to your oak short bow. Train here until your level 15 range.

Your next targets are the monks. If you read my strength and attack guide or if you just know already, you will know where they are. If not, the monks are located in the monastery just west of Edgeville.

The monks are easy to kill and will heal you if you ask them to. So when you run low on health, ask them to heal you. When you reach 20 range here, switch to your willow bow, your coif, and your studded leather chaps. From there, train here until your range is 30. And as said before, if you run out of arrows buy more.

Your next training spot is the minotaurs. Take your maple bow and get ready! These guys are located on the first level of the strong hold of security. They shouldn’t be to hard to find because there in almost every room of the first floor.

They are levels 10-13. There are no places to hide when training against them, so you should buy some food. I would suggest trout or salmon as training food since it’s cheap and heals a good amount of health. Also, minotaurs drop iron arrows, so you will get a lot of extra arrows each time you kill a minotaur. In fact, you won’t even have to buy more iron arrows when you train on minotaurs because they will always drop some. However, you will have to keep buying food for this training, but it won’t cost as much as buying arrows. When you reach 40 range, switch to your dragon hide legs and vambs. From there, train here until you have 50 range.

For your last training spot, you have a choice. You can either go to the lesser demon in the wizards tower trapped inside a cage and range him, or you can go to the flesh crawlers. Both have there advantages and disadvantages.

Lesser demon: As said before, you can find this guy inside the wizard tower. I would suggest going to a less crowded world when training on him because many people train on him.

The lesser demon is very good for range xp, but it has two disadvantages:

  1. You cannot retrieve your arrows against him.
  2. It can be hard to kill him at low range levels.

But this training also comes with some advantages:

  1. The lesser demon can’t attack you
  2. He has a lot of health, so he will give you more xp.

If you like this, try going to the lesser demon.

Flesh crawlers: Flesh crawlers are also a good training spot for high levels rangers. Even though you can be attacked, flesh crawlers have a lot of health for there level and they only do 1’s. If you can’t find the flesh crawlers, check out my strength and attack guide and you will find a map to where they are.

I told you before that flesh crawlers could attack you. This is true, but there is a spot where you can’t be attacked by them. Notice the spot where the person in the picture above is standing. This is the spot you should stand if you wish not to be attacked. If you however decide to go out into the open and get your arrows, then you will be attacked. I would suggest power ranging here so you won’t have to deal with being attacked.

That concludes my guide to training range. I hoped you enjoyed it. Please comment.


2 Responses to “Range”

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  2. this guide is awesome thnx to it i got like 60 range nice guide and i hope other ppl appreciate it =) =)

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