Prayer is used by many pures and hybrids in RuneScape. But many say it takes up too many combat levels, so they don’t bother training it. But, in the end, players with prayer will have a serious advantage over those who don’t. I used to never train prayer on my pures. But one day, I faced someone in the dueling arena who was the same level as me, but had worse combat stats. But, he had 43 prayer and he used protect from melee on me. This brought my hits down, giving him a serious advantage. I lost this fight and ever since then I trained prayer. This is a shot guide on how to train prayer better. Enjoy!

It’s obvious. Prayer is trained by burying bones. And to get bones we have to kill a creature or any thing in RuneScape that can be attacked. So the first way of training prayer is the most basic. While your training, bury the bones of the monster or whatever your training on that you have killed. This only takes a few extra seconds and if you do this every time, you’ll have a respectable prayer level for your combat level.

The next way is, if you think your strong enough, is training on hill giants.

Each time you kill a hill giant, bury it’s bones. There called big bones and they give more prayer xp than normal bones. If you didn’t know, hill giants are level 28. This would be my personal favorite way to train prayer, but you can choose.

The final way of training prayer involves you going into the wilderness. You must travel to the bone yard in the wild.

There will be many bones here. I’m not sure, but I think some big bones will be here. Anyways, keep burying the bones here because they regenerate. I would suggest this as a place to train prayer if you have barely any prayer and you want a high prayer level.

This concludes my guide to prayer. I hope you found this helpful.


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