Magic is probably the least used combat skill in RuneScape. I’m not saying magic is weak, it’s just not as commonly used as range or melee. Even so, many pures and hybrids use magic for teleporting, binding, and as just another way to use combat. So this is a guide to training your magic level. Enjoy! (This guide was made for people with one defense)

Before we do anything, use all the gene lamps you got from the new RuneScape Tutorial and use them to make your magic level better. Before we go to the first magic training spot, we need to get some stuff:

  • Full iron
  • An earth staff
  • A lot of water and body runes
  • A cape (optional)
  • A magic amulet

Now make your way to the Zamorak monk in the Varrock palace.

He is in a cage in the Varrock palace, so he won’t be able to attack you. You might ask: “Why am I using iron armor and body, water and earth runes to train magic?” Your doing this because you can keep casting confuse on the Zamorak monk. Now, with your iron armor, the spell won’t work on him, but you’ll still get the xp for casting the spell and your character will continue to cast it. Thus, earning you unlimited magic xp from one spell. Unfortunately, this will only raise your magic level and won’t raise your hp at all. But when were done with this training we’ll move onto hp. Once you’ve gotten to 11 magic, switch to the spell “weaken” and continue to cast it on the Zamorak monk until your magic is 19. Now switch to curse and cast it on the Zamorak monk until you have whatever magic level you desire. And if you run out of runes, buy more. You could keep doing this until you get 99 magic if you wanted. If you chose to get 99 magic this way, you’d be level 30 something and you would have only 10 hp, but have lots of magic. So now onto step two of your magic training.

Before we do this, we need some stuff:

  • Blue wizard robes
  • Blue wizard hat
  • A blue skirt (doesn’t give any magic bonus, but matches blue wizard hat and robes)
  • Fire staff
  • And a lot of air runes and death runes. (Get four times more air runes than death runes) (fire runes unneeded because of staff

The spell you’ll be casting is “fire blast”. So go to the lesser demon in the wizards tower who is also in a cage.

Cast fire blast on him with your 99 magic or whatever your desired magic level was and watch as your hp level rockets up. Keep training your hp here until you have the hp you desire. Remember, if you run out of runes buy more!

This concludes my guide to training magic. I hope it was helpful to you.


3 Responses to “Magic”

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  2. Anonymous Says:

    this guide sucks

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